Will RAM upgrade help me??

  Aakash Bikram Rana 15:01 25 Apr 2017

My laptop is Lenovo flex 2 with processor: intel i5-4210U @ 1.7GHz(4cpus) RAM: 4GB HDD: 500GB +8GB SSD Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 820M My laptop gets pretty slow at times. Opening up task manager shows about 99% disk usage. Also, RAM usage is 70% even during normal usage and sometimes shoots upto 95%. The software that I mostly use are browsers, photoshop, autocad, arcgis. Do you think upgrading RAM to 8GB would help me speed up my PC? Will it reduce disk usage also?

  alanrwood 15:24 25 Apr 2017

It should if you are running a 64 bit version of Windows. If running a 32 bit version it will not recognise any additional RAM so forget about it.

To be honest those figures seem to be very high so I would be looking at determining which programs are using all the disk and RAM. Use Task Manager to find out as that may solve the problem for you without adding any cost.

  Forum Editor 18:35 25 Apr 2017

The software that I mostly use are browsers, photoshop, autocad, arcgis.

All of those are going to result in a fair amount of disk activity and are RAM-intensive. Autocad, in particular, will use a lot of RAM.

As Alanrwood has said, more RAM will definitely help if you are using a 64bit Windows version - it can address up to 128Gb of RAM.

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