Will PSU Easily Work With Another Computer?

  cbradley857 22:26 10 Jan 2009

I want to move a PSU from a Targa AV2600+ to Emachines 270 - Will there be any problems regarding the Amps etc of putting the power supply into the Emachines?

The details for the computers can be found at:

The Emachines Motherboard: click here

The Targa: click here

  Jim_F 22:50 10 Jan 2009

Unfortunately motherboard specs don't give exact details of power required - the processor type and speed, the number of HDDs, CD/DVD drives and other peripherals have a huge influence on this.

These are both quite old machines so as a rule of thumb - if the 'new' PSU has greater or equal power to the 'old' one it has a reasonable chance of working provided the power connectors are wired the same way !

  Technotiger 23:03 10 Jan 2009

Should not be any problems, both motherboards are Micro ATX.

  cbradley857 23:21 10 Jan 2009

also, theres a possibility that the psu is broken, but im not sure, as the computer still turns on and the hard drive works, but there is no video output.

could this damage the computer im putting it into?

  Technotiger 23:33 10 Jan 2009

Video output is not just down to the PSU. Can you try a different monitor? Or no display could be one of various reasons, not necessarily the PSU.

  Jim_F 23:41 10 Jan 2009

If you don't get video at all (even the bios screen) and get a single short 'pip' at bootup I'd suspect the video connector or monitor not the PSU.

  cbradley857 23:47 10 Jan 2009

yeah but i dont use that computer anymore - the computer i want to put it into needs a new psu and i have no money to buy a new one - i would just like to know whether or not it could damage the computer im putting it into?

  Jim_F 00:13 11 Jan 2009

Sorry - I misunderstood about which machine was booting without video. If the PSU connectors are wired the same (same coloured wires in same places) then the risk is minimal but obviously no one can say for certain without testing the components seperately.

If it doesn't have enough power then sooner or later you will get startup problems or bluescreens.

  Jim_F 00:18 11 Jan 2009

..but I haven't yet seen any hardware damage due to this.

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