will photoshop run on linux or windows7

  losmil 16:35 04 Aug 2010

I am running photoshop cs2 on xp at the moment but I expect eventually I may have to change the OS.
Has anyone managed to run cs2 on either windows 7 or, preferably, linux?

  Ford Prefect 01 16:49 04 Aug 2010

I am running Photoshop 6 on Windows 7. I'm not sure but I think it is earlier.

  john bunyan 16:56 04 Aug 2010

Have a look here:
click here

  losmil 17:41 04 Aug 2010

thanks jb, looks like the right direction as far as cs2 with w7, Iwill just have to see if I am clever enough to run the virtual mode!

  LastChip 21:19 04 Aug 2010

There are many people that successfully run Photoshop in Linux, but it has to be done via WINE.

click here for more details.

  LastChip 21:32 04 Aug 2010

It looks like the link I gave you is broken, so try this: click here

  woodchip 22:57 04 Aug 2010

Also to add to the above, You could use free Gimp in Linux though it may be a hard learning curve
click here

  DieSse 23:22 04 Aug 2010

Photoshop CS2 with Linux, using Wine.

click here

  losmil 09:13 05 Aug 2010

diesse, not strictly this thread but thank you, I am the idiot you sorted out and who forgot to load the M/B drivers.
thankyou everyone else, the short answer to my question seems to be answered and it is possible to run cs2 (cannot afford another version anyway) on w7 or linux

  Simsy 09:25 05 Aug 2010


Which is a version of GIMP that has been tweaked to give a user interface more like Photoshop...

I haven't used it myself so can't comment on the claims.

click here



  David4637 10:11 05 Aug 2010

I am currently running Photoshop Version 7 on XP, do you know whether it wiil run on W7?
Thanks David

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