will PC3200 memory work in k7s5a?

  Sion 18:32 26 Dec 2003

simple question really, can i put PC3200 memory into my K7S5A mobo? i don't expect it to run at full speed obviously, but will it default to a FSB of 266? i just want to upgrade my memory to 1GB, but do so to ensure that when i get a new motheboard this year (Athlon 64 here we come!!) i will not have to fork out on new memory. Any help is much appreciated on this rainy boxing day night!!

  woodchip 18:44 26 Dec 2003

Don't think so, I have a K7S6A and that only run's 2700 or 333mz

  woodchip 19:02 26 Dec 2003

You need to know which Motherboard you have then check click here If you do not have the manual

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