Will A PC Run Without A Monitor?

  dublincity 17:25 05 Apr 2005

I use a software prog that makes computations when the PC is 'idle'.

As an exercise, I tried powering it up without the monitor, keyboard or mouse connected. It wouldn't start.

It keeps running if the keyboard or mouse connections are removed - so is a monitor necessary for a PC to run?

  pauldonovan 17:31 05 Apr 2005

...will raise an error if the keyboard/mouse aren't connected at boot.

Don't believe that all do though...

And it may be something you can switch off in the BIOS.

  harps1h 17:36 05 Apr 2005

it will run without a monitor but why?

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 17:43 05 Apr 2005

It certainly will run, but it's very difficult to monitor what is happening on it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:45 05 Apr 2005

Why not start it with the monitor and then turn the monitor off;-))))


  dublincity 17:47 05 Apr 2005

I'm about to try to set up a home network but in the meantime, I wondered if I could run the computational software on a spare PC in a corner for a few days whilst I keep my one monitor for the main rig.

  dublincity 17:49 05 Apr 2005

As I've tried it, it won't start. Yes, I'll start it in the regular way then pull the monitor plug and see what happens.

  pauldonovan 17:57 05 Apr 2005

...I suspect the monitor is not the issue at all.

I've never known a PC complain at not having a monitor.

Why don't you leave it with a keyboard and mouse, but no monitor.

Then (eventually when you have both on network) install VNC on the 'dumb' one so you can see what it is up to without a monitor.

  dublincity 18:27 05 Apr 2005

Thanks. I'd never heard of VNC but have just googled it.

I've just bought some gismos from Maplins to enable me to set the system up with 2 PC's, one monitor, one mouse and one keyboard. Could I have saved the money?!

  JonnyTub 18:30 05 Apr 2005

I take it you bought a kvm switch, how much?

  pauldonovan 18:34 05 Apr 2005

...unless for some reason VNC fails then you need keyboard, mouse and monitor OR a kvm !

VNC is great.

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