Will this PC be on for WoW

  dannyXD 15:28 16 Sep 2013

Hey just wondering if this pc "click here will be ok to run WoW on high/ultra settings(Im no good with PC).

Its only a cheap one to put me on untill i can afford a better one also i have a graphics card i can use if the one it comes with isnt better (wich i also dont know) :D the one i have is an Asus HD 6570.

Thanks :D

  dannyXD 15:43 16 Sep 2013

edit: I found an already built pc click here would this be able to run WoW high/ultra with my Asus HD 6570 gfx card

  Graphicool1 16:46 17 Sep 2013

What is the spec of your current PC? Because my PC spec is less than half what that one shows and is only a 32bit and yet I can play WoW on that. You can always download the free starter pack of WoW. However I only played it for a short time and found it repetitive and boring, I certainly wouldn't consider paying anything for it. I asked a few other serious gamers what they thought of WoW and was surprised to learn that they were fed up with it.

So if I were you I'd do myself a favour and download 'TERA Rising' instead. it too is an MMORPG and is totally free and brilliant! There's no boredom here, I can promise you that. Go on YouTube and check out the game play. Then CLICK HERE

  dannyXD 19:50 17 Sep 2013

Thanks for the reply.

Im not to sure on my current PC's specs (not to good with pcs) but i have:

4gb ram 2.7Ghz processor (no idea what it is) Asus HD 6570 Graphics card that i bought seperate

Would this click here pc be better if i put my graphics card in?

If so anyidea of setting i would get for wow and FPS?


  Graphicool1 11:01 18 Sep 2013

It is mainly about your graphics card, mine is only an Nvidia GeForce GT 240 without any on board memory. Although on my Mother Board I have 6gb. But to play Tera I had to take the graphics quality a step down and I have to admit it still struggles at times. However, when I was playing WoW I didn't have to do anything and the action was smooth, no jerkyness.

I'm now looking to possibly get an Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or 750 they come with on board memory of around 2gb. My problem is that I also want a bigger monitor. My funds are low but I don't want to skimp on anything.

Such is Life.

Check out the following link and compare your graphics card.

I'm sorry but it's in '$' instead of '£', but I'm sure you'll get the picture...CLICK HERE

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