will p4 fsb 800 still work on motherboard 533 fsb

  toni b 01:34 06 Aug 2003

I am lookin to buy a p4 chip My mother supports fsb 533 but i was wondering if i buy a p4 with fsb 800 will it still work on my motherboard.I am asking because for a few extra quid i get the faster chip .i will buy a supporting motherboard in the near future But for my intial investment should i buy fsb 800??????

  DieSse 02:05 06 Aug 2003

Even if it did work, and it might not, it would run a great deal slower than it should - I would recommend strogly against risking it.

Whereas to get the fsb800 motherboard first is fine - i run an fsb533 processor inan fsb800 motherboard - it is specced to do so, and it works perfectly. No jumpers to set, all is detected correctly and automatically - even my old DDR266 RAM.

So, the message is, get the faster motherboard first, not the faster processor.

PS - what's your mother got to do with it? ;-))

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