Will only boot up if XP disc in

  [DELETED] 11:38 13 Dec 2003

Asus A7N8x-x mother board
Athlon XP2600
Winfast A280Td Ge-force 4 Ti 4200 64MB
Crucial 512 DDR PC3200
550 watt power
Up graded the IDE leads

I am now on my 4th Mother board (all above) each to date has been faulty and upon return and testing has definately been faulty (I stress this as I was starting to think it was my installation but I even got friends in IT to test them each was definately faulty)

Any how if I start the system as normal System disc error comes up. But if I leave the WindowsXP disc in, and to boot from CD, but do not press a button to initiate this then windows starts fine. No one I have spoken to understands this ????????????

Also if I add a second Hard drive if does not recognise it. (on start up primary, secondary etc, it has secondary as "none") And after showing that part of the screen freezes up.

I have tested the hard drives in other machines with no problems and have changes the IDE leads to and still have ste same problems.

ANY one got any ideas ? Because I do not understand this at all

  [DELETED] 11:46 13 Dec 2003

Hi, Check your Bios settings for your boot sequence. I also have a second hard drive (With 'Red Hat Linux) that doesnt show up in 'My Computer'. If I go into my Bios settings and disable the hdd-00 boot then my computer boots into Linux. By then reversing the change in Bios I then boot into Windows. Cheers, Bill

  bretsky 16:10 13 Dec 2003

Sounds like your Boot.ini file is corrupt on the o/s, you need to copy this file from your xp disc then to floppy and the reinstall it into the o/s.

OR get the recovery console which is on the xp dics and boot from that and in that way you will be able to repair the damaged files.

Insert windows xp cd, click start,run and type
D:\386\winnt32.exe/cmdcons, where D is the letter of your cdrom drive and then follow on screen instructions......Good luck bretsky;0)

bretsky using win xp home ed sp1 1gb sdram p4 cpu @ 1.8GHz 2xHDD 180GBb total. Nvidia graphics etc etc....

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