Will not boot (Win 2000 and old!)

  Diemmess 21:31 05 Nov 2008

Peevish son tonight failed to boot "that old computer you gave me".

He cannot get beyond what I fancy is the point where the computer searches for a bootable disk.

Tried uselessly over the phone.
can reach command prompt only, but offered only one path which it seems covers the screen in characters and then gives up with all sorts of stop messages.

He can get into the bios but cannot find his way around to help me.

I intend to try and sort this tomorrow morning when he is at work.

Do I assume the HD to be dead? ....
Try repair from the 2000 cd ?....
Type magic words like Fix mbr? ( A ritual which knowing gurus use but would have to be explained to me.)

  Technotiger 21:39 05 Nov 2008

Hi, I don't think it is dead - covers the screen in characters and then gives up with all sorts of stop messages, it would not do that if it was expired.

I would try the Repair option first.

  Technotiger 21:40 05 Nov 2008

On second thoughts - try a bit of BIOS magic first, then the Repair option if needed.

  Diemmess 08:14 06 Nov 2008


  Diemmess 08:32 06 Nov 2008


The computer lights up and eventually produces error messages and wont boot W2K.

it doesn't shut down on its own or give any sign of overheating though cleaning is an obvious need for any bothers, I don't think this is a problem - yet.

I shall be away on my own, without access to the net from about 9 oclock.
Just trying to gather any hints while here to help when I get at the thing!

  Diemmess 11:25 06 Nov 2008

The crucial warning messages about no disk detected were confirmed in the BIOS which showed no device on the primary master or slave.

I pulled off and reinserted the data cable from the HD and all became sweetness and light.

No history of moving anything around inside, but if I had to guess, the motherboard end of the data cable had perhaps withdrawn a shade too much.

  Technotiger 12:53 06 Nov 2008

Grreat, thanks for your feedback - and the Brownie points :-)

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