Will not boot after installing DVD

  Farleyjim 15:35 20 Mar 2005

I have just installed a DVD recorder on a friend's PC operating Windows 98. Everything went well and I installed the accompanying Nero software. All went well until "System needs to reboot to complete installation". The machine started and loaded up until the desktop picture was showing but none of the system bar icons appeared on the right hand bottom bar. The installed stalled there. Alt/control/delete showed that the following were not responding:
wpctrl95,rundll,and msgsrv32.
I've forgotten how to start 98 in safe mode since I have been using XP Home for two years. Has anybody any ideas what to do next? Many thanks.

  VoG II 15:37 20 Mar 2005

Safe Mode click here

  pj123 15:42 20 Mar 2005

Is it windows 98 or windows 98SE? If 98SE switch on and keep hitting the F8 key until you get a menu. Select Safe Mode from there. Once in Safe Mode go to Start, Shut Down, Shut down and then reboot.

  Farleyjim 15:59 20 Mar 2005

I've managed to start in safe mode, thanks, Vog but when I came to uninstall the Nero software, which I assumed to be the culprit, there were only two programs showing to uninstall whereas I installed six from the Nero CD. I uninstalled those anyway but the boot up still stops at the same position.

  VoG II 16:02 20 Mar 2005

Start, Restart in MS-DOS Mode. At the prompt type

scanreg /restore

and press the Enter key. This should give a list of dates to restore to. Choose one before the problem arose.

  VoG II 16:04 20 Mar 2005

That is after starting in Safe Mode of course.

  Farleyjim 16:47 20 Mar 2005

Thanks Vog. I'm back up and working now but I'm a bit nervous about reloading the Nero software.

  VoG II 16:48 20 Mar 2005

Well, now that you know how to recover you could give it one more go.

  Farleyjim 17:22 21 Mar 2005

I've just come home and tried to load each program off the Nero CD at a time, but I had another freeze when trying to load the first one and the desktop picture disappeared. I tried to reboot and the computer stops when it gets to "Verifying DMI pool data.........". I've tried in vain to start in safe mode by keep hitting the F8 key and now am at a loss. I do have a Windows floppy startup disk but I cannot run scanreg/restore because I am not in Safe Mode. Help!!!!!!!

  zarobian 18:25 21 Mar 2005

It will be a good idea to follow VOG's advice once again and then run the scandisk to verify the integrity of the Hard Drive and also defrag it before installation of nero application software.
If there are lot of temp files please delete these before defrag.

However if you cannot get into safe mode by hitting F8 key, then try holding down the control key while powering up the computer till the menu appears. Hopefully this will take you to safe mode. If no joy then bootup the computer using your Win98 start up disk and at the command prompt type:
A:>\C: press enter

Next C:>\ scandisk press enter

This should repair the Windows.

  Farleyjim 17:41 26 Mar 2005

I'm getting quite desperate now because I can start Windows(98)but cannot load any programs properly. When I control/alt/delete I see that Capp is not responding. I have tried using Norton Disk Doctor and it gets half way through its diagnosis and then shuts the computer down. Then the only way I can restart is in Safe mode. I seem to be going round in circles. Trouble is, I'm doing this for a friend who brought his machine over from France and is returning on Tuesday. He(and I) wouild be mortified if he cannot take it back with him. Icannot even open explorer to trey to back up his files. Please help, somebody.

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