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Will new wifi router improve broadband speeds

  Repurr 07:36 31 Dec 2015


I am a sky customer in a block of flats (12 years old) with a sky router which is a couple of years old. The download and upload speeds are really rubbish and Sky cannot do anything about it.

How can we improve our broadband speeds without changing our provider, a new router or something else?

We run a new IMac, MacBook Pro, iPad and a laptop on the network, mainly the Mac book and iPad at the same time.

Welcome all thoughts on this.


  onthelimit1 08:44 31 Dec 2015

If you are on speaking terms with other residents, I'd ask them what sort of speeds they're getting. That should point to whether a new router is likely to help, or whether you're getting par for the course for where you live.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:46 31 Dec 2015

How can we improve our broadband speeds...........a new router ........?

Sorry to disappoint you but it's not really possible with Sky broadband. The main hurdle is that you won't know your Sky username and password to configure a new router. Sky certainly won't tell you what it is. If you're moderately experienced then you can hack into your Sky router to reveal its username and password.

AFAIK, using your own non-Sky equipment still breaches the Sky terms and conditions that you agreed to so you could get into a bit of bother with Sky.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:40 31 Dec 2015

We run a new IMac, MacBook Pro, iPad and a laptop......

Are they all connected wirelessly? If they are, then as a test, connect one of the computers via Ethernet cable. If that gives a significantly faster speed then let me know.

  RV510 14:28 31 Dec 2015

Another thing you can try is to make sure that your router is secured by wireless key, open the router properties and if it says that the network is open that means that anyone else that is within range of the router signal can also use your Wi-Fi which will significantly reduce your own signal.

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