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Will a new router improve my wifi speed?

  stlucia2 20:53 05 Dec 2015

I currently use a Netgear DG834G wireless router. My PC is connected to it by cable, and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 connects via wifi. The Samsung's internet performance can best be described as "iffy" -- it's very slow, and often won't connect to web sites due to timing out, or simply "not found".

Is it likely that I could improve the situation by getting a more up to date router, or is it more likely that my Samsung is now getting too old (2 years)? It seems to have plenty of memory still available -- 9.25GB available out of 16GB, with 4.13GB used by "the system".

  stlucia2 21:16 19 Dec 2015

I tried to follow FE's advice from an early post, but the TP-Link VR900 wasn't available at my local store, so I got a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900, which got almost as good a review here.

First results are very encouraging. My PC seems to access the internet more quickly (subjective only -- a test shows the speed is the same as before), and the WiFi checker on my tablet shows more than 10dB improvement in the signal strength. I'll know I've cracked it if my wife comments that the tablet is better!

  RV510 22:17 19 Dec 2015

Your internet speed and what you receive is influenced by many factors, nothing to do with the router, how far you are from your telephone exchange, the time of day you are using the internet, the condition of the line to your line socket, the position of the router in relation to the devices connected to it and how many are connected at any time, also, if your router is not secured by password then anyone else within its range can also be using it. Your tablet will be slower than your PC as it takes longer for tablets to process the incoming information from the router than what the PC does, connecting your PC to the router by Ethernet cable will increase performance slightly. Speed checkers are not very reliable, they will only give you a rough guide, you need to perform a speed test either from your provider or a specialist bit of kit that the telephone engineers carry for an accurate reading. Also your provider can 'strangle' your speed if you are using up your 'allowance' before your next billing period, even if your BB is 'unlimited', there's no such thing, everyone is limited, what you are actually getting is 'within reasonable amount of usage'. Before anyone goes to the expense of buying a new router, get your provider to reset your BB first or investigate why you think that your speed is not up to your expectations, and don't forget, when they say 'up to' a certain speed it doesn't mean that you will get that figure.

  spuds 23:07 19 Dec 2015

Perhaps worth consideration, but have you contacted your ISP,to check out any problems with your line or services being provided by them?.

I have yet again, gone through a bad patch of High (6/7.5MB) to lows (0.50Mb), when my line was reasonably stable at 6MB, at one stage. Nearly daily adjustments were made by the ISP, which improved the service, only to fail a short time afterwards.

With the joint efforts of my ISP and BT OpenReach, over a two week period, plus three daily speed checks, which was sent to the technician's, normality as once again been achieved, with daily 6MB+.

With regards to a router change, then checking out some reviews this can be achieved,including checking out ISP's own community forums, even though the ISP might state that the router they supply is the best for the job. On one occasions, I was informed by a visiting engineer, that the router supplied, is not always the best, depending on the deal the ISP, as with the router manufacturer or supplier.

  stlucia2 08:35 20 Dec 2015

Thanks for the latest comments. Remember, my beef was about the speed/performance of my tablet using WiFi, and the new router seems to have solved that -- WiFi scanner app shows 10dB stronger signal, and WiFi checker app "passes" the test everywhere in the house, where previously it would "fail" unless the tablet was within a couple of feet of the router.

I was in touch with my ISP shortly before posting this thread, but I'm happy enough with my PC's performance not to bother upgrading to a faster service for the moment.

  Forum Editor 09:51 20 Dec 2015


"Your internet speed and what you receive is influenced by many factors, nothing to do with the router"

I'm afraid that just isn't true. A router can have a marked effect on connection speed via WiFI. We're talking about a WiFi connection here, and that is very much something to do with the router, all other things being equal.

Internet connection speeds are to a large extent a matter of perception - we notice immediately if one machine appears to be faster than another in that respect. In this case, a computer on a wired connection to a router is giving a markedly better performance than one (a tablet) on a WiFi connection - processor speed differences in the two devices are not going to make a noticeable difference with ordinary web surfing. That all points to a WiFi problem and, as I said earlier, the router stlucia2 was using is known to have performance issues. Using a new router seems to have confirmed that the other one was indeed the culprit in this case.

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