Will new OS keep existing Files

  wicked willy 16:47 10 May 2004

Hi Everybody, Please could you help me in respect of a New OS going from 98se to WinXP Home Edition, will it keep the Existing Files and Folders, The New OS is the full , not the Upgrade. Thanks in Advance Bill

  Smegs 16:51 10 May 2004

I think you will find that Xp will format your hard drive first, then in stall. So, I don't think it will keep your files. Someone will tell you if I'm wrong.

  DJ-Garry 16:53 10 May 2004

A full install of XP WILL over-write ALL your data. I'm not sure but there might abe a trick that will enable you to use the disk to upgrade to XP rather than full clean install.
Other forum members will advise (please).

  Totally-braindead 18:21 10 May 2004

I BELIEVE that if you install XP over the top of Win 98se that it will keep your existing files BUT you have to make sure it doesn't use the NTFS file system as this will definately format the hard drive first. Now the reason I put the believe in capitals is I can't personally confirm this is the case as I've never tried it. If you have a cdwriter I would back up all your files first just in case. And I'd wait for some input from someone on the Forum who has actually done this and can either confirm what I've said or blow me out of the water. Anyway this will bump you up to the top again and someone will hopefully give you the definate answer.

  wicked willy 19:02 10 May 2004

Thanks Gentlemen, for your threads and as you all say wait for someone from the Forum

  Simon_P 19:17 10 May 2004

Will keep your existing files, I don’t think that the full version will run as an upgrade, therefore you will loose all your existing files.
Personally I think that doing a clean install is a better way to go, (although others nay not agree) if you are able to backup your existing files.
NTFS is a more stable and secure file system than FAT32, However a FAT32 drive can’t access a NTFS drive, but I think I an right in saying that NTFS can access a FAT32 drive.
Also consider that win98 to XP is a big jump and be sure that your machine is up to (over) min speck.

If you do the clean install XP will ask you which file system ie FAT32/NTFS that you want to use.

  Gemma 20:55 10 May 2004

For any change of OS you should backup your data before you start. For most of us, that means burning it to a CD if you can. Depending on your situation assess your risk for yourself. Check the back-up you make by opening sample files to ensure the back-up was good.

A little clarity: the difference between an XP upgrade and a "full" version is the price and the fact that the upgrade will check your system for an existing MS system. When installed they are identical. They will both allow you to keep existing files (and some settings). When installing, read what's on the screen, decide what to do, then think again. If you are not absolutely sure - STOP. There is lots of help on the web and in the MS site click here Read it all.

File systems: XP can use either or both (on different disks or partitions) of NTFS or FAT32. Previous systems (W95, W98, W98ME) can only see FAT file systems.

Which route to go? 1. Back-up your data 2. Check the back-up 3. Do a clean, full install of XP using NTFS 4. Copy your back-up to the new system.

Note that applications you have will need to be installed again. Make sure you locate the original material (CD's, downloads, software keys...) before you start.

Good luck and enjoy XP (it may be M$ but, for most of us, it's like it or lump it).

  Smegs 22:01 10 May 2004

I think we have just had a ticking off there lads. ;-)))

  VoG II 22:18 10 May 2004

If you use Microsoft backup in Windows 98 you may well find that it is unreadable by MS backup in Windows XP. So, don't use backup, just copy your important documents to removable media, and check that you can read them.

  wicked willy 12:40 11 May 2004

Thank you everyone for all your Threads regarding the item that I posted and I think that I will have to go into the Corner With the Dunce`s Hat on :-) Bill

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