Will New Graphics Card work with Old Motherboard?

  MickLel 16:05 24 Aug 2003

Help please,

I have a MSI MS 6330 motherboard and I believe it runs upto AGP x4. My Graphics card is an old Ge Force 2 MX 100/200. Q. Would a new G/card with AGP x8 work with my M/Board? If it does will I miss out on many features? And finally will it be worth the cost?

  bremner 16:08 24 Aug 2003

Yes it should work.

I have gone from a GF3 (4x AGP) to an ATI 9500Pro (8x AGP) in my oldish ASUS 4x motherboard with no problem and a massive improvement in performance.

  DieSse 16:16 24 Aug 2003

This is an AGP 4x motherboard - so it should work fine with an AGP8x card - but only at AGP 4x speeds.

Will it be worth the cost, depends on which board you get, there is a wide range. And the performance benefits of the fastest boards will only show up on the fastest processors. You may want to have an eye for the furure though - only you can say.

A good middle-of the road spec would be a GFX 5600 board. But a cheaper GFX 5200 would still be much faster than your current board.

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