Will New English Laptop Work In Spain?

  Mad Boy 18:59 17 Feb 2003

im wanting to buy a new laptop shortly as i am moving to spain in a few months. However if i bought a laptap from UK would it work correctly in Spain?

Many Thanks

  Stuartli 19:08 17 Feb 2003

Many laptops, including models from Sony, can be switched to various voltages to suit wherever you happen to be.

  Mad Boy 19:10 17 Feb 2003

ok cheers

  graham 19:52 17 Feb 2003

Most of Spain is 220 volts, so any British-bought laptop will be OK. Some remote parts may have 110 volts so a transformer would be needed. Be aware some buildings may have both! The phone system should be OK.

  temp003 02:11 18 Feb 2003

As noted above, power is no problem. You should still need a plug adaptor (that's just for the plug, the voltage is no problem).

If you are going to use a modem to connect to a telephone line for your internet connection, you will aslo need a telephone outlet adaptor. Spain uses the RJ11 (the USA one) which is different from England. Just minor details.

If there's more information you need about using computers in Spain, DieSse is the one to ask. He works on computers in Spain.

  anchor 09:08 18 Feb 2003

Whiltst on holiday in Spain recently, I used my Toshiba notebook without problems. The charger works fine on any voltage from 100v - 240v, and 50-60Hz. (Fine in the USA too).

Check that the charger you have, or intend to buy, with your notebook is similar.

You would need to buy the continental mains plug adaptor for the charger. These are widely and cheaply available here in the UK.

As temp003 said, to connect your modem you would also need to get the inexpensive telephone adaptor.

  DieSse 10:43 18 Feb 2003

No problems. You can get the correct mains plug adapter in Spain without problems. You will need a different telephone lead, again easily obtainable.

If you want advice on connecting to the net, please feel free to email me.

  Mad Boy 19:34 18 Feb 2003

thanks everybody, now to shop for a laptop (any ideas on cheap but reliable & fast?)

May email you in afew weeks if i need to DieSse

Thanks Again

  anchor 19:37 18 Feb 2003

You will need one with a good international warranty; I suggest Toshiba.

DieSse may be able to advise you on other brands that have good service arrangements in Spain.

  Mad Boy 12:31 19 Feb 2003

or to anybody is it worth buying the laptop from uk or wait and buy one in spain?

I mean is it cheaper here or there, are there brand makes better,worse or same?

Im not sure here what to do.

DieSe i take it you bought your laptop from uk right and one last thing?

Whats best New or Second Hand?

I mean i think new would be better as you get the warranty and stuuf but i dont know a lot about laptops so any important information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Everybody

  tenor 13:43 19 Feb 2003

They tend to be a bit cheaper here in spain.The keyboard is a different layout but you soon get use to that ñ!

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