Will my motherboard recognise

  tasslehoff burrfoot 13:06 13 Mar 2005

an older CPU?

I currently have an AMD64 3000+ but have broken it. I have not yet gotten around to pricing these up but , from what a friend told me, I am not going to be able to afford one.

So can I just get an older AMD chip and stick it in? Or will I need to get an older mobo for that? Would the combined price of these mean I would be just as well getting another AMD64?

Or, would my current mobo recognize a pentium chip? Or are mobos only compatible with one of the other?

I haven't got a clue, so any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


  FelixTCat 14:09 13 Mar 2005

Different motherboards require different chips. Your motherboard will accept some (but not all) Athlon 64 cpus. It will not accept any Intel cpus.

Your best bet will be to search for the cheapest supplier of Athlon 64 cpus. Make sure that you specify the correct pin number (there are 3 different numbers of pins for Athlon 64 cpus).

  Totally-braindead 14:09 13 Mar 2005

Firstly AMD and Intel are 2 different companies. Intel make Pentium chips AMD make Athlons. Your board from what you say has a AMD 3000 on it therefore the only chips the board will support is an AMD one, an Intel chip wouldn't work. In order to answer your question we would need to know what make and model your motherboard is, for example mine is a Gigabyte GA7VAXP. Post back with make/model of your motherboard, if you don't know download this and post back with what it says your motherboard is. click here By the way how much do you think a new chip would cost?

  Totally-braindead 14:12 13 Mar 2005

Just had another thought, how do you know you have broken your CPU? Theres no point buying a new processor only to discover its not that thats broken.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 18:58 13 Mar 2005

click here

As you will see if you look at my thread I've linked to, I am unable to start the PC at all so would it actually say on the motherboard the make and model?

I've been told that a new chip the same as the on I have at the momet would be approximately US$350 which is around about £200 (I think). I was plannigng on saving for one until I read another thread here today which said I can get an athlon XP chip for £85.

But, if I understand correctly, that won't work. How much are mother boards? Would it be cheaper to get a ne chip and mother board?

Thanks for the help!


  SurgicalSpirit 19:51 13 Mar 2005

it would seem that you have either a socket 939 or socket 754 motherboard have a look here click here for the prices and try to find out which motherboard yours is

  SurgicalSpirit 19:54 13 Mar 2005

ps also check the socket for any visible damage as you dont want to have the same thing happen again a jewlers eyglass or strong magnifying glass will be ok and a good light source

  tasslehoff burrfoot 20:03 13 Mar 2005

I seem to recall that somewhere around where the processor goes, it said socket 754.

So looks like I can get a new one for about £100.

Cool, cheers!


  goonerbill © ® 20:05 13 Mar 2005

hi Tasslehoff Burrfoot

if you click on the link at the bottom, its a price lists for athlon 64 3000+ 939 pin and 754 pin and most are under £110 including postage.

athlon64 939 pin
click here

athlon 64 754 pin
click here

if they are a bit dear and your mobo is a 754 pin version heres price list for 2800+
click here

  JonnyTub 20:05 13 Mar 2005

Pardon my ignorance but from reading your previous post you mention seeing the processor pins on the underside of the motherboard, now mine don't poke through nor does any other processor/mobo i've seen, not saying your wrong, far from it, but are you sure it's the processor pins? Do they look soldered in? Providing what you see is correctly identified as the processor pins, it would suggest to me that the motherboard with processor installed has been left on a bench somewhere and pressure applied to the motherboard thus the pins becoming bent. The pins couldn't have been bent any other way as the if they were, the processor would not fit into the socket.

Hope that rambling makes sense

  goonerbill © ® 20:14 13 Mar 2005

after reading your last thread, it seem highly unlikely that the pins would end up bent now. does anybody else have access to your pc as that is the only way the pins could get bent is to try and insert the cpu the wrong way round.

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