Will my motherboard cope with a new hard disk ??

  scottdub 21:58 17 Mar 2003

Just wondering if my motherboard will be up to the task if i add another hard disk.

My system is Compaq Presario 1GHz processor, 384 mb ram, 20gig hard disk, XP operating system. I was think of adding a 60/80 gig hard disk.

Was wondering if anyone had any ideas or experience.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:06 17 Mar 2003

running which shows your up to the job.

Its the Bios revision number you need to watch if its later than 4.5+ you will be sorted. For safety buy a Maxtor if the bios is an older version and your unable to upgrade the bios.

Reason i say Maxtor is because click here have a utilty which will make your HDD work at its max size.

  daba 22:45 17 Mar 2003

you will be able to add the 60/80 as a slave drive, as you are already running a 20GB hard drive as your master, way above the 8.4GB limit of old BIOSs (assuming it is one partition).

Watch your boot-up screens carefully, if the drive is detected as the correct size (20GB) then it will be OK with Windows

Don't forget to set the jumpers to the new drive correctly.

1. If adding to same ribbon cable as your existing 20GB, set the new drive as a "slave drive". If your existing 20GB has a jumper setting "master with slave present", then you must use that also.

2. If adding to the other IDE channel, which is likely to have your CD-ROM or CD-RW drive connected, then set as slave also.

Just make sure each IDE channel has a master drive configured, and if a second drive is on the cable, configure as slave. Obviously your 20GB drive MUST be the master on the primary IDE channel.


  Ben_uk 02:42 18 Mar 2003

Correct me if I'm wrong somebody, but I recall reading that both hard drives must be the same speed as they will both only run at the slower speed even if you add a faster one. Would help me as well as I'm thinking of adding a second HDD (I have a Maxtor 30GB 7200rpm).

  DieSse 02:49 18 Mar 2003

Not true these days - modern HDD controllers will run two drives at different transfer rates with no problems.


There is another limit on drive size (by BIOS/Motherboard) at 32Gb - your system may or may not suffer from that limit - but there are ways around it, so if you buy a drive and run into this limit, ask again and you will get help.

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