Will my mopdem / router support 8mb BB?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:30 17 May 2006

Hi, I've got a d-link DSL G640T modem / router and would like to know if it will support 8mb broadband? If it will, I want to upgrade with BT. How can I find out?

Thanks all, Dio

  rodriguez 14:37 17 May 2006

The router should be capable of 8 Mb broadband, but you may get a slower speed than that if your line isn't up to it. If you live close to the exchange and the line is good quality you should get 8 Mb, however if you live a bit further away you might get a slower connection.

  Graham ® 14:59 17 May 2006

Dunno about the mopdem! I've just been upgraded (free) by PlusNet to 8 meg. Using a BT Voyager USB modem, apparently it takes a while to settle down. The fastest it's been so far is 5.9, often a lot slower.

I understand the speed these devices can cope with is greater than those with ADSL.

  Stuartli 15:17 17 May 2006

You will be very unlikely to get the full 8MB for various reasons.

Most modems are capable of at least up to 8MB - after that you will be likely to have to use one corforming to the more recent ADSL standards, ADSL2 and ADSL2+. See:

click here

for more information.

  Stuartli 15:18 17 May 2006

My Sagem [email protected] 800 is rated up to 8MB and it's a pretty basic ADSL modem.

  Bagsey 18:32 17 May 2006

I am using a Speed Touch 330 usb modem and have been on upto 8meg for just over a week. Indicated speed at this moment is 7.4 meg. This morning it was 7.9 meg. Those speeds are consistant during the day. However I am not very happy at the moment with the stability. It has periods where I lose conection. Yesterday was very good until 10pm but the day before was terrible so much so that I actually went to bed early and in a bad mood. Today it has been good so whether a router would be any better is open to question.

  Bagsey 22:30 17 May 2006

I should have said that I am with BT Yahoo. Now the connection which has OK akk day keeps dropping out, and I am down to 6.2 meg

  martjc 22:48 17 May 2006

...All these services say <up to> 8 meg. They will not say they provide steady 8 meg, because they can't! Comms are at best sporadic and at worst abysmal. You will be lucky to get 5.5 meg unless you have near perfect line and live on the doorstep of the exchange!

Oh well, This is ground breaking technology after all!

  Stuartli 23:15 17 May 2006

>>and I am down to 6.2 meg>>

Life's so hard isn't it...:-)

256 and 512kbps were regarded as remarkable not all that long ago and my first blistering speed modem in the mid-1990s was 14.4kbps.

  Bagsey 09:47 18 May 2006

Now down to 5.9 meg this morning. My gut feeling is that my 2meg system was as fast and very much more reliable. The only gain seems to be £7.00 off the bill. Can I get back to where I was I ask myself??.
>>modem in the mid-1990s was 14.4kbps.<<
I remember that well on a school BBC2 computer. It was painfull.

  pokemom 10:14 18 May 2006

sure try living with half a gig ,thats painfull reading !lol,(4 me)

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