Will my 5400 slow my 7200 HDD

  1st RHA 00:02 15 Jan 2003
  1st RHA 00:02 15 Jan 2003

I have a 7200 HDD (120Gb) and want to put in my 6Gb 5400 as slave on same ribbon, Will this slow it down?

  Thin White Duke 00:09 15 Jan 2003

Can you explain something?

If you have 120Gb (huge!), why do you need a minute 6Gb.

And no, you won't notice any 'slow-up'.

  Eastender 00:13 15 Jan 2003

So size does matter :o)

1st RHA, I asked a similar question and the general opinion was that all would go well.

  1st RHA 00:15 15 Jan 2003

I Know it sounds stupid, but it was my original Hdd from my old sys (PIII 550mhz 400mb RAM etc...) I upgraded to a 40 gb drive which I have emptied and will install O/S to sell, but with so much on old Hdd and 98 to play with, (compatability you know) am reticent to part with it!

  1st RHA 00:17 15 Jan 2003

Haven't got a clue what to do with 120Gb havent filled 6 Gb in 3 Years, perhaps it's good file management. or poor use of PC.

  Thin White Duke 00:38 15 Jan 2003

Well unless you'd like to swap my 40Gb for you 120Gb i'd stick with it. Heh heh.

It'll serve you in the long run. Games, mp3's and all.

  1st RHA 00:42 15 Jan 2003

As if I'd get rid of my loverly 120Gb Hdd at 7200rpm the other is just a little aside.

  'kinell 00:44 15 Jan 2003

The RPM difference won't matter however the ATA mode will. Eg. if your old drive is ATA 33 your new drive will run at ATA 33 if used on the same IDE ribbon, the faster drive always assumes the transfer rate of the slower one.

  1st RHA 00:53 15 Jan 2003

I'll have to check that.

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