Will a MicroATX mobo fit in standard case?

  Simsy 16:10 27 Aug 2003

Hi folks,

I'm thinking of cobbling together a cheap, working PC from bits I've got...

The whole project happening at all depends on it being VERY VERY cheap...

to that end I've sourced a slot1 mobo to take the Processor and RAM I have... but it's a MicroATX size.... will this easily fit into a "standard" midi ATX case... I'm thinking in terms of where the sockets, (P/S2 USB etc), will appear?

Thanks in advance,



  John-259217 17:00 27 Aug 2003

It should do.

The dimensions are normally reduced from the bottom (less expansion slots) and the front facing edge (clearance for CD drives etc in a narrower case).

You may find that a standard case does not have all the mounting points in the right places but you should be able to get at least four of the mobo fixings at the rear and the top of the board to line up - use plastic stand offs in the remaining holes.

I`ve not seen any boards where the sockets were placed differently appart from the layout (network port, one serial, internal VGA etc). This may cause a problem on older cases where the cutouts are cut in the metal of the case rather than using a press out adapter.

If you have the mobo available I would suggest you cut out a cardboard template and offer that up against possible cases, if you mark the positions of all screwholes, slots etc. you should easily see if the case will fit.

  Simsy 10:32 28 Aug 2003

appreciate it,



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