will the memory speed cancel out the memory size?

  Bailey08787 13:32 24 Feb 2003


I have 256mb rdram running at 800mhz in my system. I have just come into and extra 512mb rdram, but it runs at 600mhz.

So my question is, will the slower speed of the extra rdram, negate the benefits?

2 x 128mb rdram 800mhz

2 x 256mb rdram 600mhz


  powerless 13:42 24 Feb 2003


Well no 2 x 256MHz although it runs slower than 2 x 128MB as you say.

You will not notice a difference unless you are pushing your computer to the extreme.

  jazzypop 13:45 24 Feb 2003

One consideration is what system you have and how you use it.

If you currently use a resource-hungry OS like XP, I would suggest the 512MB setup.

As soon as you need more than 256MB RAM, you are swapping data to and from the swapfile, which is effectively a temporary simulation of additional RAM, with one big drawback - it is held on the hard drive.

If you can keep all of your running processes within 256MB, then the 800MHz setup will be quicker. However, nowadays this is unlikely to be achievable with the typically large memory-hungry software that is the norm. Therefore, 512MB of slower memory is likely to run the system quicker than 256MB of faster memory.

There are many resource-monitoring tools that can tell you how much RAM you are using / have used so far, as well as the Windows built-in tools.

I have never used rdram, so the above must be seen as generic guidance that is equally applicable to PC2100 vs PC2700 memory, etc.

  Bailey08787 14:09 24 Feb 2003

just to add: i have all the memory in at the moment = 768mb rdram.

just wondering really whether i should try to replace the 600mhz rdram with 800mhz rdram - or whether it really isn't worth the bother - i was just thinking there was no point in having an extra 512mb ram, if its slower speed would diminuish the performance of all of the rdram

  Bailey08787 13:13 25 Feb 2003


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