Will a Mains Powered USB Hub run an External HDD

  wee eddie 15:53 11 Aug 2013

Will a Mains Powered USB Hub supply sufficient power to, easily, run an External HDD?


Should I buy another Mains Powered External Hard Drive?

  Chronos the 2nd 16:14 11 Aug 2013

Is the external HDD not in a powered caddy? The reason I ask is I have not come across an un-powered external HDD.

I think I am missing something. Can you explain in a little more detail? But I very much doubt whether a powered hub will supply enough power.

  iscanut 19:41 11 Aug 2013

I run an external hard drive from USB hub, but it takes two USB ports to use it, one of which I presume is for power, the other for the USB operation.

  wee eddie 20:01 11 Aug 2013

Chronos: None of the Portable USB2/3 External Hard Drives appear to have any mains power facility, that was why I was wondering.

iscanut: You reckon that a pair of USB2 cables is de-rigeur then?

  rdave13 21:53 11 Aug 2013

I have two types of caddies. One type with a power brick and the other type with a split usb cable, for power, the other cable is for e-sata connection.

Sorry, I have three types. The third is a 2.5" caddy. Mini usb to caddy and split usb to PC, so supplies power and data. So the question is, what source does the HDD require? If usb then a hub is OK as it is powered.

  wee eddie 04:17 12 Aug 2013

More research needed, on the type of cable provided, but it's a 7 Socket Hub and several are unused at the present.

Thanks all, for your input. Eddie

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