will low profie AGP card fit m/bard?

  Shortstop 11:07 11 Jun 2007


I have just ordered a club 3d radeon 9250 agp 8x per click here

As I pressed 'confirm order' I noticed the words 'low profile'. I cannot call ebuyer at the moment due to work issues - will this fit my Asus P4S800-MX SE motherboard or do I need to cancel the order?



  Eric10 11:20 11 Jun 2007

It's the case that is the deciding factor for low profile cards not the motherboard. Low profile cards are designed for slim cases which don't have the depth to take a full size card.
If you have a standard size case then you won't be able to plug the card in because the metal strip that holds the connectors and fixes the card in the PC will be too short.

  Gongoozler 11:33 11 Jun 2007

I think you are OK. The data from the manufacturers website says that a low profile backplate is INCLUDED, i.e. the card is supplied with the full height backplate fitted. click here

  Shortstop 11:55 11 Jun 2007

Eric10 - case is standard tower :o~

Gongoozler - that is encouraging but how would you change the backplates over if I wanted to - which I don't? I thought that they are hard-fixed to the card from what I can see? Sorry to sound so thick, but this is the first time I have changed a graphics card so it's all new and intersting to me! Also, thanks for the PDF file.



  Gongoozler 12:09 11 Jun 2007

Shortstop, you will probably find the backplate is fixed to the card by two screws, although it might be attached by the connector retaining nuts.

  Shortstop 12:12 11 Jun 2007

Thank you Gongoozler. Your help is very much appreciated! Good to have someone who knows what they are talking about available in a few minutes on this website!

Ticked as resolved.

Again, thanks.


  keef66 12:12 11 Jun 2007

If the pic on the Ebuyer site is accurate, that's a full size backplate, but the rest of the card is low profile, so you should be OK

  Shortstop 09:10 12 Jun 2007

Ordered this yesterday on a standard delivery [not expected until Thursday] and it has turned up today! Add that to the £10 off as I paid by Google, and this isn't just exceptional service - it's truly outstanding!!

PLUS Gongoozler & keef66 were correct - the card comes with a standard plate fitted and two mini plates either with or without the TV fitting.

I am well chuffed :o)) Just got to fix it in now ....



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