will leaving phone of hook slow broadband down

  cybernut 10:17 14 Jan 2018

Bt openreach has been trying to fix my broadband problem now for 4 month, when my phone rings i get disconnected. I got adsl and a 8km direct line to exchange,no cabinet

yesterday i was in an important conference and the phone disconnected that conference and my broadband when it rang ,so i decided to take the phone of the hook now ,but my broadband download has now slowed down from 700 kpbs to just over 350 kpbs, is this just a coincidence or can taking phone of hook cause this?

We got a new face plate with filter, also plugged in router direct to test socket with new filter and no telephone or any other appliances on in the house yet when i ring my line adsl link goes down, openreach changed line card dslam (cease and re provide) still adsl disconnects, openreach even apparently checked by disconnecting the physical line at exchange and adsl still goes down when phone rings (simulated at exchange end). thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:06 14 Jan 2018

It sounds as if you have a serious problem with the wiring to your house (BT problem to sort).

I have just tried BB speed test with phone on and off the hook and has made no difference.

  compumac 11:43 14 Jan 2018

A relative had exactly the same problem and changed everything internally in the premises that he was able to, and eventually it was found by Open Reach to be a fault with the external feed to the premises.

  alanrwood 12:56 14 Jan 2018

The phone should not impact on ADSL performance. Internal wiring of extensions and wire/wireless connections might or will. Agree with Fruit Bat/compumac, sounds as though there is a problem either at the exchange or in the external wiring

  KEITH 1955 13:55 14 Jan 2018

do you have a spare splitter box filter that your phone and pc internet wires plug into.... if you do then try swapping each one to find out if one of them is faulty... both internet and phones do weird things when they develop a faulty .

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