will laptop support monitor

  adamagain 00:30 24 Mar 2008

i have a travelmate 230, acer, would it run to tft monitor size 19 0r 21 inch.


  AL47 00:47 24 Mar 2008

does it have a VGA, DVI output?

  adamagain 01:03 24 Mar 2008

Hi It has a blue output on the back for a second monitor.

  AL47 01:06 24 Mar 2008

yeah, it works on my dell xps, you should be able to manage it

  ambra4 02:36 24 Mar 2008

The standard VGA output on a laptop will work on any

normal 17"-19"-21" LCD display NOT widescreen

  adamagain 02:51 24 Mar 2008

Oh so i cant use a widescreen at all

  ambra4 04:49 24 Mar 2008

Only if the display card can output a screen

Resolution of 1440 x 900 for a 19" widescreen LCD


1680 x 1050 for a 22" widescreen LCD display

Most laptop display card will not display that size

screen Resolution

  AL47 19:42 24 Mar 2008

my graphocs card in my laptop will do widescreen so its a possibility it will

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