Will i need sata drivers to install hard drive?

  Jaro 22:26 03 Dec 2007

hi, i wonder if you would know if i need sata drivers to install new hard drive - Western Digital WD800JD Caviar SE 80GB 7200RPM SATAII 8MB Cache on this system : click here
old seagate hd died so i had to buy new one as above. i will have to do clean system install and i may need sata drivers to install new hd so it will be recognised by system. the thing is i have no drivers for mobo so no sata drivers. will i actually need them? and if yes can you look on Packard Bell website above and tell me if the driver is there cos i could not find it. this pc do not have even flopy drive do load sata drivers so i have no idea how to do it. please advise me on what will i need to successfully install new hd and system on it.thank you

  martjc 22:55 03 Dec 2007


  C3 23:07 03 Dec 2007

To download all the drivers that you need click here

If you have recovery discs for the HP then use them for the re-install. The SATA drivers will install with recovery image.

There is a guide to changing your hard drive at the bottom of the page on the link I gave you.

If you don't have recovery discs and were going to do a 100% clean install, then I would contact HP directly and ask them what you'd need to do.

  [email protected] 23:38 03 Dec 2007

If your installing XP then you probably will require the drivers.

If Vista then no.

  Jaro 23:57 03 Dec 2007

ok but what are the drivers for sata hd can you specify from link which one is it exactly please cos i did not find anything for flopy drive

  C3 02:52 04 Dec 2007

Ah I see what you mean.

I'm guessing you don't have any of the recovery disks then.

I've had a look at the motherboard diagram. There isn't a floppy connection on the board, so I think your only option would be to get an external floppy drive.

I can't find this board listed on Gigabytes web page

As for the SATA drivers, I don't know. If you never got a driver disc with the PC, then I would do as I suggested, contact HP for advice. They have a forum (bottom link of the page above) so I would try asking there.

Make sure to word your question properly though:

"I have a HP IMEDIA MC 1539 (P/N : PB34305801).

I want to replace the old hard drive as it has died and install a new SATA Hard Drive but no longer have the recovery discs. I have a WinXP disc though.

Will I need to install SATA drivers during the WinXP install or will the one included in WinXP work?

If I need them, then how do I get them to install as this PC has no Floppy drive and no floppy connector on the Motherboard.

There is no mention of the SATA Drivers on the Download page for the PC on the HP Website.

Any help appreciated etc etc"

Try something like that anyway. Hopefully you'll get a better answer there, or send a message directly to HPs customer support people.

  Jaro 14:50 04 Dec 2007

ok thank you for help to all of you i will see maybe i will be the lucky one and i will not need those drivers. Maybe that's why they not listed on PB website. will see when the hd arrives i will let you know. thank you again

o yes i tried to contact packard bell customer services but they did not want to help me cos the pc is not under guarantee anymore i just ask them simple question why cant they help their customer anyway it just only a matter of sending those drivers over the email but they just said no no no and that was all the help i got from them. really nice service and help for old customers. i guess its a good sign not to buy from them anything in the future.

  C3 01:39 08 Dec 2007

"Why would Jaro want to do that when he/she has a Packard Bell PC."

You know what I mean! I'm using a HP PC at the moment so got confused.

  sil_ver 11:03 08 Dec 2007

you might need the chipset drivers to install support for SATA II.

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