Will I lose too much broadband speed

  nissanalmera 15:51 07 Apr 2010

Hi, I have desktop pc wired to router,laptop wireless to router.I have broadband Virginmedia 20mbps. Desktop consistantly at 19/20,laptop at about 12 mbps.I am considering new laptop wired to router.Will I lose too much speed in process? Thank you

  mgmcc 19:31 07 Apr 2010

Your internet bandwidth of 20Mbps will be shared by all of the computers connected to the router, but there will only be a slowdown in performance if two or more of the computers are *actively* transferring data from/to the internet. Simply having them connected to the router won't (shouldn't!) affect performance.

As far as the LAN side of the router is concerned, each "wired" computer will transfer data at 100Mbps, but "wireless" computers *SHARE* the bandwidth (54Mbps for 802.11g).

What speed do you get with the Laptop if you connect it to the router by ethernet cable instead of "wirelessly"? The reduction from 19/20Mbps to 12Mbps seems a lot, unless you are using a USB wireless adapter in a USB 1.1 port, which only supports 12Mbps.

  nissanalmera 21:17 07 Apr 2010

Hi mgmcc,thanks for response.Wireless laptop does get 12/15 ish at times while desktop in use so cannot complain.You have given me good news regards new wired laptop.It will really be desktop replacement leaving pc with printer/scanner attached with XP.New laptop obviously Windows 7 and printer/scanners will not work with it.Thanks again Ian

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