will I have to reactivate after using true image?

  Beverley Anne 21:35 20 Jun 2006

Put off upgrading as long as possible. Hopefully my upgrade cd will be here for the weekend.

After upgrading from ME to XP and installing drivers and other software I plan to use Acronis True Image to make an image in case I have to reinstall again.

Will I have reactivated the pc by phone again after using the true image software?


  Input Overload 21:43 20 Jun 2006

No, I have restored True Image 'Images' dozens of times, you won't need to activate again, True Image in my view is a must have.

  Beverley Anne 22:03 20 Jun 2006

Thanks for the quick reply that's great to know I like to reformat the HD a couple times a year like I've done with 98SE & ME OPs just a habit I got into.

Thanks Again


  ade.h 22:20 20 Jun 2006

You probably won't feel the need to do that quite so often with XP. I do mine only once a year at the very most, and even then, that's being picky! Mind you, it depends how much junk you find yourself ending up with over time.

  Beverley Anne 22:36 20 Jun 2006

Thanks ade.h for the info.

I like testing out different software till I find one that I am happy with so in time it tends to build up and slow down the pc.

Thanks again


  €dstowe 06:38 21 Jun 2006

This may be stating the obvious but if you use an image made before your Windows was activated then, yes, you will have to re-activate.

  Beverley Anne 08:11 21 Jun 2006

Thanks €dstowe for the reply I am going to use the image software after I have activate the pc.

I know from what I have read here that I will have to re-activate if I change any of the hardware.

  €dstowe 08:33 21 Jun 2006

Regarding changing hardware, you only need re-activate if you make large changes in a short time.

  bjh 12:55 21 Jun 2006

Obviously, any hardware changes may mean you need to re-register.

So, if your HDD dies, and you use Acronis to put the image on another HDD, you may have to reactivate.

The "activation count" that watches over hardware changes can be triggered between taking an image, and restoring it, particularly as the image may have been taken months earlier, and you may have made several adjustments to the hardware in the meantime. It seems as it it's not counting in "real time", and the image isn't aware that months have passed between the updates.

Sorry, I know what I mean, but that reads so unclearly. Have just got better from 'flu!!

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