Will i get e-mail when broadband activated

  x2 zero 20:05 11 Nov 2005

Told it should be today but dont want to install
modem drivers until confirmed should i recieve
e-mail to confirm.

  GaT7 20:14 11 Nov 2005

I think you can call to confirm. Which ISP are you with? G

  woodchip 20:18 11 Nov 2005

You should do SMTP and pop may need updating if it changes as it did for me from @ntlworl to @adsl.Ntlworld

  CLONNEN 20:22 11 Nov 2005

Try using your broadband login details and see if it works.

I signed up with Virgin Broadband a year ago and they were utterly useless at confirming whether or not it had been activated okay. Their emails said it wasn't activated (incompatible line), their telephone person said it WAS activated and that they didn't know who had sent the emails saying it wasn't.

In the end I told my router my broadband details and Hey Presto IT WORKED!!! This was 3 days AFTER the line was upgraded and Virgin didn't bother to give me the correct information.

  x2 zero 17:21 12 Nov 2005

Just got connected but trying to work out how
to set up e-mail for new isp cant seem to send or
collect all my dialup e-mail.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:32 12 Nov 2005

who is your ISP?

details for setting up email will be on their web site

  palinka 18:17 12 Nov 2005

x2 zero, for your dial-up e-mail go into IE, NOT OE; go to web site of your dial up account; log into "webmail" (may be called something different , like Mailzone, or Check my emails, or somehing like that.) There you can get your dial-up emails.
Setting up email for your new ISP is probably explained on their website as Fruit Bat /\0/\ says.

  Stuartli 18:57 12 Nov 2005

Set each account (in OE) from its Properties>Connection to Always Use This Connection (i.e your new ISP broadband service) to Collect Mail.

  x2 zero 19:47 12 Nov 2005

My new isp is ndo.com but it seems a bit
confusing on the website.

  Stuartli 21:06 12 Nov 2005

You will need to configure your incoming and outgoing mail in OE Accounts by starting a New Account, filling in your username and password, detailing the servers (something on the lines of pop.ndo.com and stmp.ndo.com, but should be listed on its website under Help) and the Always Collect Mail Using... point made earlier.

  x2 zero 23:51 12 Nov 2005

Its very hard to find where to add a new mailbox
on the website before i set up e-mail in foxmail
or thunderbird.

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