Will this hard drive work on my computer

  Nick1 07:07 28 Jul 2003

My 10GB hard rive is getting a little small! I have had a look at the Novatech site and see that they are selling a Maxtor 120GB drive for £88. Will this be compatible with my PII W2K 180MB RAM computer?

  Bodi 08:26 28 Jul 2003

slightly lower spec hard drive? 60GB for instance?
It's hard to tell whether the larger drive will be compatible with your system without knowing your motherboard specs.


  Diemmess 09:03 28 Jul 2003

Keeping it simple (and small) as Bodi says will save money, fuss and still be a huge improvement.

Parkinson's Law would have a saying for this like...... "Data expands so as to fill whatever space there is to keep it."

In other words having even 10 Gb rewards the care taken to delete unwanted stuff and do routine good housekeeping. Having oodles more space than you need can lead to clutter and confusion.

  DieSse 09:20 28 Jul 2003

They do say you can never be too rich or have too much hard drive space!

Motherboards don't usually state maximum hard drive sizes - but whatever the limit, there is usually a way around it. This Maxtor support area answers many questions about the use of MaxBlast to overcome BIOS limits, if you have one.

click here

  Nick1 19:55 04 Aug 2003

I rather like yor advice, Diemmess. I have started ti use much more space now that I have a new digital camera. I am tryign to be good by sorting stuff out quickly and then transferring it to CD-R. I then read that there is a possible aging problem even with CD-R so I am not quite sure what to do for the best. Hm...

  Diemmess 20:37 04 Aug 2003

I happened to see your latest post...'Have to agree that here is nothing absolutely safe for stuff you'd hate to lose.

If it is really-really important, you have to keep duplicating the archive copies.

CDs burned at moderate speed on "quality" blanks and then kept cool, dry and dark may well last longer than the means to read them. Until after the event, I am not sure how you spot the trustworthy blanks!

Quite recently I have had 3 "own brand" disks develop unreadable sectors after about 3 years. All 3 had been used frequently and lay around in a warmish place though none had any visible surface damage.

It is all a matter of having a sense of proportion. Enjoyment without making a labour of it.

  Nick1 18:00 05 Aug 2003

Thank you for all the helpful advice. I am sure that lots of us would be more often at a loss without this forum.


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