Will the forum be closed

  whatchamacallit 18:26 24 Dec 2003

Hi to all

Will the forum be closed over the hol`s

  powerless 18:35 24 Dec 2003

24/7 - 365

  whatchamacallit 18:39 24 Dec 2003

sailinger & powerless

  Peter 18:40 24 Dec 2003


As active as those who log on, read, and, if able, reply with helpful suggestions.


  whatchamacallit 18:41 24 Dec 2003

sorry should have been, salinger.

  Forum Editor 18:48 24 Dec 2003

we're sometimes quite busy at Christmas time. I any event we'll be here right through the Christmas and New Year holidays, and even if the server acts up we'll try to fix it remotely, so we should be OK.

Someone's put tinsel all around my monitors, so I'm feeling quite festive. Each year I pose as Father Christmas and make phone calls to my two young nephews - they fall for it hook line and sinker, and it always puts me in a Christmassy mood. I've just made one call, but the second Nephew's in New Orleans this year, so I'll be doing that one much later tonight.

  whatchamacallit 19:19 24 Dec 2003

Thank you, Peter.

Thank you, FE. Hope all goes well with the forum over the holidays.

And Thank you, Father Christmas. PS. Why phone when you could drop-in.

  [email protected]@m 19:40 24 Dec 2003

The internet itself usually closes on New Years Eve, so the cleaners can get to the fluff round the back of the cabinet. :-)

  bremner 19:43 24 Dec 2003

Trying to get a bit of fluff behind a cabinet normally happens in my office at the Xmas party.

  March Hare 19:47 24 Dec 2003

Should we inform OFCOM, OFTEL, or whoever?

  kev.Ifty 22:07 24 Dec 2003

still going...Nowt on telly? MERRY CHRISTMAS to you lot. it's my first time,spose that's quite a seasonal conection..! Now just need to find "3WISE MEN" Any ideas...

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