Will a fan at the rear help ?

  Dick_Dastardly 21:06 03 Jan 2007

I'm looking to reduce fan noise in my PC (it's currently far to loud), so I'm fitting larger but slower fans.

I have a fan at bottom front drawing air in but nothing at the back 'exhausting' the warm air, apart from the PSU fan.

Is it worth me installing a fan at the back to expel warm air ? The case will take an 80mm fan there, and will I see any noticeable reduction in temp ?

  hzhzhzhz 21:08 03 Jan 2007

Will a fan at the rear help ?


  I am Spartacus 21:08 03 Jan 2007

I would say yes and yes providing the airflow through the case is adequate.

  hzhzhzhz 21:10 03 Jan 2007

I have a 110mm fan at the back of mine.

  citadel 21:12 03 Jan 2007

I have a 80mm at the rear and it works well, just cool air coming out of the rear. Make sure to pay extra for a ultra silent quality fan.

  Technotiger 21:14 03 Jan 2007

If the main object is to reduce noise, then adding additional fans does not seem logical - but replacing one or more fans with larger slower moving ones, yes ok.

Unless your pc is in a particularly hot environment, or you are actually in the Tropics -normal running heat should not be a problem.


  Rtus 22:17 03 Jan 2007

generally adding fans creates more row..however you could also look at the drive cabling and how it runs,flat IDE cables tend to restrict air flow from front through to rear of case rerouting or replacing with correct type of round cable can help cooling.

  Totally-braindead 22:35 03 Jan 2007

Normally if theres only one fan it expels the air from the case at the rear not sucking it in from the front.
If you end up with 2 fans then its sucking in air at the front and expelling it out the back is the usual.
If you can what I would try is removing the fan from the front and fit in in the back so it blows the warm air out of the case. Also with it being at the back it hopefully would be quieter as it wouldn't be so near you.

  terryf 23:12 03 Jan 2007

I fitted a Freezer 7 Pro processor fan which is controlled by my motherboard, I have a 120 mm fan at the rear, a Trust 'pro psu low noise big fan', this has a temperature controlled fan and an Antec Solo Quiet Mini Tower Case. I only hear the processor fan during boot before the Mobo takes control or if the processor is really busy, 98% of the time the system is practically inaudible.

  terryf 23:15 03 Jan 2007

Another advantage of the Antec case is that it is fitted with plastic washers which insulate the hard drive mounting screws from the drives so I can't hear them either

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