Will an Ethernet splitter work?

  Macca9 13:00 30 Jan 2018

Would a CAT 6 Ethernet cable split into 3 devices (two consoles and a pc) work with no issues at all? If so how much would ping/download speed be affected? I want to run a cable from upstairs to downstairs and I need to make sure I could theoretically use all 3 devices at once on one cable (watching streams and playing online, etc). I currently have a 200mbps download speed. Cheers.

  wee eddie 13:17 30 Jan 2018

Your speed would be divided equally between each of the devices using the connection.

However, it is rare for two machines to be actually Transmitting/Downloading at "exactly" the same time

  Macca9 13:30 30 Jan 2018

Thank you for your reply. 200mbps divided into 3 is more than enough for me.

I know it’s probably a silly question but how would ping be affected, if at all? And do you have any Ethernet splitters to recommend or does it really not matter which one you choose?


  alanrwood 14:09 30 Jan 2018

Don't even think about physically splitting an ethernet cable. They are not designed to be split. To achieve what you want run one ethernet cable to the new location and then install an unmanaged ethernet switch. They are not expensive, around £10-15 and designed to do precisely what you are wanting. Splitting a single ethernet cable would cost more take much longer and not be reliable.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:12 30 Jan 2018

If so how much would ping....... speed be affected?

The ping will increase proportionally with the number of devices actively using the broadband connection. If you have a half-decent router then it shouldn't be a problem - even for gaming.

To reiterate what Alan said - a network switch is what you need.

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