Will DVD Rom read DVD+R discs?

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I have a Sony DVD-Rom drive and have just been given a dual DVD writer. I like to backup important data to CD in case of problems and now plan to burn such data to DVD discs because of the extra space they provide.
As DVD+ seems to be the faster option I was wondering if I back up to this format rather than DVD- will my ordinary DVD Rom drive be able to read these discs or will they only be readable in the DVD writer. Similarly what is the situation with DVD-R discs and the rewriteable forms of both?


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An ordinary DVD player (under the TV) can't read DVD data discs. You will need to read your discs using the computer.

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Thanks Kinger but........I think I have not been too clear with my question.
I have a DVD Rom drive in my PC and usually back up data to CDR disks from a separate CDRW drive.
I am now hoping to use my new DVD writer which replaces the CDRW to backup.
Will my DVD Rom drive be able to read these backups if they are in DVD+ or DVD- form or will they have to be read by the DVD writer.

Sorry for the poorly put question


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Well the DVDrom will read the DVD-r disks. They do read on my dvdrom after being burned from the separate dvd writer. My writer only uses the -r format. So I am unsure if a +r disk would also be read. You would think so or what would be the point of having that format for a computer.

I think you will find that the -r disks are slightly cheaper and more easily to be found.The retail price of +r disks is astronomical but you can buy them a lot cheaper on the web.

Hope this helps a little. :)

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Best to look at the spec supplied with the drive. Mine will read all types EXCEPT dvd+r

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Thanks everyone. Once again the forum comes to the rescue.

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