Will DVD-9 disks play on normal players

  Baz48 00:45 09 Jan 2006

If I burn avi files to dual layer disks will they play on a normal stand alone dvd player. I am using Nero 6 which burns to DVD-9's?

  dan12 01:16 09 Jan 2006

I believe you have to convert the avi files first.click here

  David4637 14:44 09 Jan 2006

You can use Nero6, someone will tell you, its something like Vision Express in Nero. It will convert the AVI files to VOBs, IFOs, and BUPs, basically of an mpg construction. David

  Baz48 17:13 09 Jan 2006

No sorry, I am aready burning AVI files to dvd successfully. I need to know whether or not a dual layer disk will play in an ordinary DVD player. At present, Nero is compressing some files to bring them within the 4.3Gb size of a single layer DVD.

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