Will a Celeron processor run Photoshop Elements 2?

  TommyRed 10:44 15 Feb 2004

It's just that the blurb says you need a Pentium type processor

  AndyJ 11:17 15 Feb 2004

Can'r find a definitive answer, but I notice that quite a few Celeron processor machines come bundled with Photoshop Elements.

So presumably the answer is - Yes - unless anyone can advise differently.

  Diemmess 11:18 15 Feb 2004

The blurb supposedly protects the seller from accusations that "You never told me"

Generally for this sort of application you need at least W98SE, better than 200Mz CPU and as much RAM as the OS will accept. A higher spec will make for a faster response and more stable use, but beggars can't always be choosers.

  TommyRed 11:24 15 Feb 2004

Sorry forgot to saY my OS is XP Home, 2.60 GHz intel celeron processor with 256Mb of RAM. TR

  Diemmess 11:28 15 Feb 2004

You should be home and dry!

  JIM 11:30 15 Feb 2004

also having a reasonable graphics card in your system will aid program, without taking a long time with any effects rendering etc.

YOU should be alright :)

  christmascracker 11:42 15 Feb 2004

I've used this with a celeron 2.2, 256ram and onboard graphics - no problems at all

  ventanas 13:38 15 Feb 2004

It runs on my office machine, 900 Celeron

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:09 15 Feb 2004

I used to run Photochop 7 on a 350Mhz, pentium II but it did have 512mb RAM. The graphics card was a velocity 4400 (16mb RAM) and produced the graphics as good as a 256mb card.


  DieSse 14:22 15 Feb 2004

"It's just that the blurb says you need a Pentium type processor"

A Celeron is a Pentium type processor - in fact it's a Pentium witha lower FSB and a smaller on-chip cache, that's all. Your Celeron is a Pentium4. It'll run absolutely fine.

  TommyRed 16:18 15 Feb 2004

Thanks all, off to e-bay to bid for it. TR

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