Will BBC radio wipe out my BB monthly usage limit

  aca 16:05 30 Oct 2005

Just getting into BBC radio player using a stand alone alternative radio player recomended in another thread. Excellent! particularly as I cant get DVB or Dab in my area.

One question I have is that I have a 10gig usage limit, and I wonder will the radio broadcast eat much into this?


  Djohn 16:16 30 Oct 2005

Just checked on the BT usage calculator. 80 hours of surfing will use approx 4.4gb per week. 10 hours of radio will use 1gb. If you go to BT dot com click here click on broadband, then more info on any of the packages, then usage calculator, you can have a play with all the options to give you an idea.

I do think though that the calculator is a little on the pessimistic side as I surf for well over 120 hours each week and listen to radio for about 10 hours a week + all my email and downloading of updates etc, not yet gone over 2 gb with my ISP in 2 years and my ISP is unlimited.

  Chegs ® 16:32 30 Oct 2005

I initially had a 30Gb cap,and used to get a little uneasy due to my preferences to online radio/surfing and frequent d/l's of ISO images.I used a net usage monitor for a month,and found that even with my ISO collections,I didn't exceed 11Gbs during the month.click here This one gives approximate future usage to,so you can monitor easily if your going to exceed your cap.

  aca 16:46 30 Oct 2005


thanks for your advice and links.


  Sirpad 09:57 29 Jan 2006

I want to add this thread to My Postings anyway so I may as well add a question. Is there a way to copy sections of a radio broadcast onto my PC and if so is it legal? I use Media Player.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:32 29 Jan 2006

click here is a free one that will do it. The BBC have stated, on a few occasions, that they have no problems with people recording for their own use...it is when people try to flog the stuff that they get annoyed.


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