will this adapter fit Dell 9200

  diesel1948 13:06 18 Sep 2014

(N900 450 mbps dual band pci express)Could anyone tell me if this adapter will fit in to a slot on Dell dimension 9200 its over 5 years old and slots dont seem right size for adapter. Thank you for any help.

  northumbria61 15:57 18 Sep 2014

If you have a spare pci-express slot available (ie: spare) then this will fit.

See Differences between PCI slots and PCI-express slots.

  northumbria61 15:59 18 Sep 2014

Dell 9200 Specifications Look under heading Motherboard for the number of slots/type for your machine

  diesel1948 16:49 18 Sep 2014

Checked the spec and it says: PCI-Express x16 total 1

would that mean it is available and would that take the adapter. What colour would the slot be and should it fit it exactly? in other words should it fill the slot?Thank you for your assistance.

  diesel1948 17:20 18 Sep 2014

It also says PCI- EXPRESS X 1 BUT 0 available Also the PCI-Express x16 total 1 It also says none available. What is likely to be in PCI-Express x 1 could it be something to do with networking/wireless? Just wondering if it could be taken out and replaced with adapter. The desktop is wired but I want to move it to another location and use it by wi fi.

  northumbria61 04:27 19 Sep 2014

What is likely to be in PCI-Express x 1 - most likely your Graphics card. You don't appear to have a spare slot.

Why don't you go for a USB Wireless Adapter and save yourself the hassle of opening your case?

TP Link Wireless Dual Band USB 2.0 Adapter

OR Edimax which has been recommended on this Forum many times.

Search Google for other manufacturers and prices.

  northumbria61 04:30 19 Sep 2014

Better price TP LINK

  northumbria61 04:33 19 Sep 2014
  rtp8™ 09:54 19 Sep 2014

You have a Nvidia Geforce 7900GS in the PCI-Express x16 slot, a TV tuner card in PCI-Express x1 slot as well as a sound card in a PCI slot.

You'll have a few options here:

(1).If you don't use the TV tuner card, take it out & replace it with the N900 450 mbps dual band pci express.

(2).The motherboard spec menu doesn't mention a PCI-Express x4 available but please investigate & see if there is one present( a brown medium length slot situated underneath the graphic card), you can put the wireless card in there too.(you may find the wireless card doesn't take up the whole slot but it'll still work)

(3).Return the N900 450 mbps dual band pci express ,get a PCI card instead & put it in one of the spare PCI slots.

(4).Replace the N900 450 mbps dual band pci express with a USB version.

  diesel1948 10:02 19 Sep 2014

Thanks again for your help, I have returned the product and ordered the TP Link from Amazon.

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