robin2dogs 12:45 24 Aug 2003

Hi All

I seem to have got one of those backdoor/trapdoor things,you know-somebody has hacked you and is able to get into everything in your computer.
This has renamed my administrator account WILFRED/(my ac name)etc.. and has altered.I have tried creating a new administrator account to open my IE browser but "it" wont let me,I have to use WILFRED's,so he is probably watching me right now.
I know that it is gonig to take a fully reformat to get it out but he is already in my ip configuration so what is to stop 'im coming straight back in again as soon as I go online.

Any help much appreciated.
ps I do have firewall+antivirus(zonelabs+grisoft)


  WaiKent 12:51 24 Aug 2003

well to stop it happening download or buy and install a firewall
that will tell you what connections you have on all ports.

  Forum Editor 13:06 24 Aug 2003

Zonelab to lock the computer down, so that no inbound connections will be permitted. Then you can set about removing the trojan. Have you run a detailed scan with AVG?

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