Wii - What 'Dongle' do I need please?

  AngeTheHippy 11:10 11 Nov 2007

Morning Chaps,
Yes - I've joined the other crazy s**s in the world who've managed to track-down-and-buy a Wii at the usual price rather than badly inflated.

I have a question that I need to know the answer to before I go out and buy. I understand I need to connect the Wii to the Internet - for Updates and other things apart from playing online. Please can you tell me exactly what I need? I've read that a DS WiFi USB Dongle will be needed - I've also read that ANY WiFi USB Dongle can be used, as they all do the same thing - the Nintendo dongle will of course cost the most...

Thanks a lot,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:14 11 Nov 2007

Official Wii Wireless Internet Connection Guide
click here

click here

  AngeTheHippy 11:20 11 Nov 2007

But I don't have a wireless router ... That's the reason I need to know all there is to know about these dongle-thingies...


  Sparkly 11:27 11 Nov 2007

Is this any help Ange
click here

  AngeTheHippy 12:16 11 Nov 2007

YES!! This is the EXACT thing I'm talking about! However, do i NEED to purchase one of these Wii dongles, or is there a cheaper alternative? I've noticed that Dongles can be as cheap as £9.99 - BUT do they do the same thing?


  crosstrainer 12:19 11 Nov 2007

Has it right...

You could buy a router, but no point if you won't use it.

  Technotiger 12:33 11 Nov 2007

Or perhaps this, being cheaper ...

click here

  AngeTheHippy 12:40 11 Nov 2007

This is what I mean! BUT - will it work with Wii? The link Sparky gave above states that a wireless router ISN'T needed - this this dongle will do the trick...


  AngeTheHippy 12:55 11 Nov 2007

Just read the link from Sparky- 2nd response (above) at Max TV - it quite clearly states: ' Just the thing if you don't have a wireless router! Best of all, WiFi MAX supports up to five 'local' DS gamers at a time, so you and your mates can all play online at once with no loss of speed!'

Can't figure it out at all...

  crosstrainer 12:58 11 Nov 2007

What is and is not possible...Sorry, not an expert on this stuff :)

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:27 11 Nov 2007

Assumming you have internet access via USB modem?

You need a Wireless Access point.
Usually this is a wireless modem / router.

If you have a wirelesss card on the PC the right chip and software you can bridge the wireless network to the LAN to turn your PC into a wireless Access point
click here

If not the this is what the WiiMax is doing for your
it is taking the place of a wireless router and using your PC to connect via the USB modem to the internet.

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