WiFi Through Thick Stone Walls

  MoritzMcGarrie 10:47 12 Jul 2014

My parents in-laws have a house with very thick walls, and we can't get wireless internet reception in the kitchen. The problem is the different parts of the house are on different circuits for the electricity. They have 3 wireless netgear routers which covers the hall and ground floor as 2 act as repeaters on the main one. I think they tested the wifi repeaters that plug into the electric socket: power-line ones, but found that the kitchen is on another electrical circuit, as the house wasn't all built at once, so they don't work.

Any ideas how to help? Thanks!

  Jollyjohn 11:00 12 Jul 2014

In a 3 story victorian house with similar issues I resolved it by running ethernet cables around the outside of the house and into the required room.

I bought a 100M roll of cable from Maplin and used a local electrician, who was already doing some work in the house, to route the cable.

I plugged a router in at the end of the cable, as you have done, to give coverage in the required rooms.

It is always better to have the main hub plugged in to the master BT socket and run ethernet cables than to run phone extensions.

  Ian in Northampton 11:52 12 Jul 2014

I did what Jollyjohn did. We have an old house that's actually three cottages knocked together - so, very long, and with thick walls. I had a network guy come and run cables along the outside of the house and into network sockets in about eight rooms. It cost me about £200. It also allowed me to plug wireless repeaters into some of the rooms for when someone just wanted to use their tablet or laptop or phone.

  spuds 12:14 12 Jul 2014

Agree with the above suggestions, but in my case the cable was run through the loft section of a cottage extention project, due conservation area regulations.

  Woolwell 17:57 14 Jul 2014

spuds - "conservation area regulations" . Do you mean that? Internal wiring is not usually covered by that. Listed building regulations yes.

  spuds 18:49 14 Jul 2014

Woolwell - whatever the case ( I forget now), the council would not allow any outside items attached to the property, we had to do certain things to comply with their request. Running cables (including television) through the loft sections was one of them!.

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