WiFi Through Thick Stone Walls

  ClareGardiner 19:05 04 Jan 2013

We have BT broadband with a router in the larder at the back of the house where the telephone cable comes in. Our new laptop gets wifi in the house without any problem, but we have a shop only a few feet from the room where the laptop works, but there is a thick stone gable end with and inglenook between the two. The windows in the larder and the extension face in the same direction. Does anyone know how we can get the wifi to work in the shop?

  SillBill 19:23 04 Jan 2013

Two questions: does the shop share the same electrical circuit as the house? Does the shop share the same telephone line as the house?

  Euan S 19:29 04 Jan 2013

Sounds like I've got the same sort of problem as you! This helped me out alot: http://www.microsoft.com/athome/setup/wirelesstips.aspx#fbid=JfJpuKZc3dH

I'm looking into getting a WiFi repeater myself as I am trying to boost the signal from my Xbox to our houses router which is on the other side of a thick wall. Does anyone have this and think it does the job or should I cough up more money and get something better: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Repeater-amplifier-including-connection-standards/dp/B006CKWZT6/ref=sr12?ie=UTF8&qid=1357326420&sr=8-2

  SillBill 19:46 04 Jan 2013

Euan S You seem to have all the bases covered there! I'd probably go for the highest powered repeater you can find. (BTW your link is broken and just needs to be copied and pasted)

  ClareGardiner 19:46 04 Jan 2013

yes. the phone line is the same and the electrical circuit is also the same as the house

  SillBill 19:50 04 Jan 2013

ClareGardiner that helps a lot as far as setting up a repeater, plus you could put in a separate ADSL socket in the shop and use the Laptop via Ethernet or move the router OR get another router for the shop.

  ClareGardiner 20:01 04 Jan 2013

Another router has already been suggested by someone but I want to avoid all the cables. Which repeater should I try and would I place this in the shop or near the existing router? and as I'm useless with this stuff please tell me what ADSL socket is... is it one of those plug in boosters?? What is the difference between a repeater and an ADSL socket please?

  Nontek 20:07 04 Jan 2013
  SillBill 20:12 04 Jan 2013

ClareGardiner, your BT telephone line is split by the engineer who installed it into a telephone line and a broadband line at its entry point to the house. The broadband plug and socket are slightly different in shape to the telephone plugs and sockets.(ADSL is more or less the former name for what is Broadband - in the simplest terms!) A Repeater, usually plugged into an electrical socket merely receives the WiFi signal from your router and retransmits it (or boosts it) ideally you want to position it where it will still receive the WiFi signal from the router but also somewhere where it will transmit a good signal to the shop.

  SillBill 20:15 04 Jan 2013

Nontek's suggestion is a good one.

  ClareGardiner 20:20 04 Jan 2013

Thank you.. this is clearer... will using a plug in in the house and the shop potentially do the trick?

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