Wifi strength is very weak

  fire 18:05 08 Oct 2014

Hi i have a new computer which is connected to sky router via ethernet cable and my old computer i want in my kids playroom connected to the internet. I have tried a usb wireless adapter and powerline and neither can give a signal. I do have an old belkin router and i was wondering if i could attach that to the old pc and get online that way...if not how can i do it...thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:19 08 Oct 2014

"I have tried a usb wireless adapter and powerline"

do you mean homeplugs through the mains?

this is usually the easiest way if Wifi is weak.

  fire 18:22 08 Oct 2014

yes through the mains....it does connect every now and then but not constantly

  Bris 18:48 08 Oct 2014

Can you get a wireless connection with the PC next to the router?

The Powerline adapter may not work if your playroom is on a separate ring main.

To determine this plug the powerline adapter into a socket near the first adapter, if it works then its the ring main thats the problem.

You could try a range extender situated mid way between the router and your playroom.

  fire 18:51 08 Oct 2014

is that a powerline range extender?

  Bris 18:54 08 Oct 2014

No a WiFi range extender. It picks up the existing signal and forwards it.

  Bris 19:03 08 Oct 2014

I use one of these

It connects via WiFi to a router then you can connect to it either via ethernet cable or WiFi.

In your case you would situate the extender part way between your playroom and your router.

  fire 19:10 08 Oct 2014

ok that makes sense...cheers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:18 09 Oct 2014

a belkin router(in the kids room) connected to the sky router with wifi is not oing to be any better than a signal from a dongle.

Can't understand why the power line adapters should be intermittent

powerline adapters must be in a wall socket and not in an extension especially if surged protected.

  fire 18:11 09 Oct 2014

yes they are directly connected to wall socket...i have tried the wirelss usb n type adaptor and the signal is too weak....looks like the only way is to get a signal booster...

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