WiFi on static caravan site

  Yvonne1957 15:32 01 Apr 2017

Hi I have got an android box and try to set it up on caravan site WiFi however signal is not strong enough so I have purchased an extender and Ethernet cable but I cannot circumvent the sites router which is located elsewhere. How can I set this up please?

  alanrwood 16:05 01 Apr 2017

Suggest you speak to the site owner. You will need access to the router if you wish to use ethernet. Not sure what you mean by Android Box. Do you want top download streaming movies etc. If so you may cause the site owner's data allowance to be exceeded.

  difarn 17:58 01 Apr 2017

I assume you are talking about a tv box? I also assume that you have permission to use the site's wifi and have a password?

I have read articles about trying to set up such boxes and many have said they do it by using their phone/laptop to connect to the site router by wifi and then using them as a wifi hotspot which is then connected to the tv box.

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