Wifi Speed keeps dropping randomly

  Markh510 12:29 24 Feb 2018

Hoping that this is the right forum to have put this in...

I'm trying to find out why my wifi speed seems to be randomly dropping. Usually we have a speed of about 29-31mbps but it will drop to about 6/7mbps with no reason that I can spot. There is no sudden extra usage, sometimes I am the only one using it at the time.

The router is almost directly under my room and so the wifi signal is good. Are there any suggestions for how to find out or at least narrow down what could be causing this?

Thanks :) Mark

  KEITH 1955 13:24 24 Feb 2018

have you secured the wifi to the hub with a security key , this stops other hacking your connection , the keycode should be on a card or on the bottom of the modem , do you have team fortress 2 or any other online game that has a latecy setting , you can monitor this whilst playing a game , if it suddenly alters somebody could be using your connection.

check add remove for any programs that might have got bundled with something , are they running without you knowing.

make you browser half screen size and bring up task manager at the side of the browser , on the process tab click show fewer at bottom left , if something starts running whilst browsing it should get added to the list.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:51 24 Feb 2018

Try changing channels in your router - neighbours may be using the same channel causing interference.

  Markh510 15:40 25 Feb 2018

Thanks all for the suggestions, will try to answer all...

Yes our WiFi is secured and so unless someone has found out the password or hacked in then I doubt it would be from someone outside the house using it. I have seen on games that I play on my Xbox that the latency does go from good to the bottom and will lag with no change in what I am doing myself.

I will try to monitor the task manager but I have done a few scans while trying to clean up my pc that have not come back with anything suspicious and at times the WiFi will do this when the pc is turned off.

I have looked into the channel change but I am not certain how to do it on my router and also wanted to see if there was anything to help find the best channel before changing?

As for being wired in.. I don't think that we have the most ideal set up. The only thing plugged directly in is my devolo extender and as such it is difficult to test that as it takes a few minutes to get down and plug something in to test which then makes it uncertain whether it has stopped or isn't an issue...

Any other suggestions or tests are welcome. Thanks! :)

  Markh510 16:59 25 Feb 2018

Slight update... I tried a speed test plugged directly into the router after playing a lagging game and got normal sort of speed 28mbps though when I went back upstairs and tried a speed test on the Xbox it got 0.27mbps!!

Cheers for the help! :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 25 Feb 2018

Make and model of router and we'll tell you how to change channel.

  Markh510 19:40 26 Feb 2018

It's a technicolor TG589vac v2

If it changes things we are with utilities warehouse and it seems to have its own configuration screen?

Thanks for the help :)

  Markh510 21:03 05 Mar 2018

Any ideas?

  wee eddie 23:25 05 Mar 2018

Have you considered the timing of these speed drops.

There are times, when there are so many people on line, that internet access slows for everyone

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