Wifi security

  questions4u 21:33 28 Feb 2011

I have recently installed a router and as part of the software installation I have set-up password protection. Both the hard wired desktop and the laptop go staright into the internet without asking for a password. I am presuming that they have stored this and I wonder if this makes me more vulnerable to somebody outside the house gaining access to my system. I would be very grateful if somebody could give me some ideas as to how to beef up my wifi security without buying any hardware.
many thanks#

  mgmcc 08:37 01 Mar 2011

You should make sure your router's wireless connection is secured with WPA or, if supported, WPA2. The first time you connect wirelessly, you will be prompted for the encryption key and Windows will then save a 'profile' which is used to connect automatically in future when the network is available.

Others won't be able to connect to your wireless network without first entering the WPA/WPA2 encryption key.

I wonder if the "password protection" that you set up is for accessing the router's configuration pages, which is not the same as securing your wireless network. Wired ethernet connections are not secured because obviously a physical cable has to run between router and computer.

  questions4u 13:40 01 Mar 2011

Thanks for that I will dig out the installation disk and take a look at the encription protection. Just panicking a bit after watching a cyber crime programme and criminals outside the house using encription breaking software to gain access to your network. So I was wondering if there was an additional level of encription security that could be added.

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