WiFi Routers - which make?

  TrueEnigma 18:41 21 Feb 2005

I am wanting to get a WiFi router but unsure of what is best for my needs. They are as follows:
- 1 pc + 1 laptop ethernet connection in same room
- 1 pc + 1 laptop wireless in rooms above
- 1 pc wireless approx 150 ft away from BB connection and in different building
- Option to connect periphials to network
- Broadband is ADSL
- 3 pcs with win xp
- 1 with Win 98
- 1 with win me

I now know through these forums that I need to get a builting modem/router and I poss need an access point so that the pc in other building has fair chance of connecting to BB.
I have also picked up conflicting recommendations re makes of routers. Can anyone tell me which make will be the most reliable and cope with the amount of traffic and distance.
Thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 20:01 21 Feb 2005

from Consumerwatch.

  Charence 21:04 21 Feb 2005

that's why I have Belkin which I believe are just as good. I've also got some Aries (Savastore) branded stuff but they're not as good.

You're going to have to bridge your WiFi network with an access point.

I think you'll need to buy: ADSL WiFi Router, WiFi Access Point and some WiFi PCI/PCMCIA/USB cards.

Here are some recommendations

ADSL WiFi Router - click here OR click here

WiFi AP - click here

WiFi NIC - click here / click here / click here / click here

And for you printer - click here

I've provided links to the 802.11g (54Mbps) and 802.11g HSM (108Mbps) standard products, not quite sure which one you want.

Savastore.com and EBuyer.com (click here and click here respectively) are good places to shop, they've also got their "own branded" products which do what they say they do or assume they do, but their setup is usually trickier, however, price much cheaper. You may also want to have a look at Netgear products while you're there, I'm assuming their is not much difference no matter what you buy since they still have to communicate with each other.

NB - I noticed whilst on Belkin site, they've got something called Pre-N, I'm not quite sure what that is, keep an eye on them! Maybe someone else more informed will know what Pre-N is and whether you should buy that instead.


  Dipso 21:38 21 Feb 2005

I have just chosen the Netgear dg834g for my home network. I found the prices of the most popular makes, Netgear, Belkin, Linksys and D-link to be within a few pounds of each other which didn't help with my decision.

My only advice is, don't spend too much time trying to decide which is "best", you will find good reviews and equally as many poor reviews on each product.

FWIW, I found the Netgear very easy to set up and had the network up in minutes.

  Charence 22:03 21 Feb 2005

when I bought my Wifi equipment (last year), Belkin was around £10-20 cheaper than Netgear, but obviously as you have stated the prices are much more similar.

click here looks very very tempting!


  Forum Editor 22:43 21 Feb 2005

Pre-N is Belkin's latest technology, and is incorporated in their true MIMO routers.

I won't bore you with reams of technical details but Pre-N technology offers:-

1) 4x greater coverage than standard 802.11g

2) 4x greater speed than standard 802.11g

3) Improved resistance to interference from neighboring Wi-Fi systems and other 2.4GHz devices

4) Improved performance with 802.11b and 802.11g devices whether employed at the client, AP, or both.

5) Does not drop to the lowest common networking speed in mixed-mode environments

6) Seamless compatibility with 802.11b and 802.11g

The router uses multiple aerials and transmits multiple signals on each aerial. It works very well too - I wrote about it in a recent issue of the magazine.

  TrueEnigma 01:18 22 Feb 2005

So in theory a pre-n router is going to be better in my situation where there is quite a distance and two outside walls to contend with?
I know they are more expensive than the super g's but if they are as reliable and better performing as you say they are then I need to go that way.
Trouble is as I have been looking on the net this evening I can only find pre-n's for cable/dsl not adsl. Any ideas where I might look?

  TrueEnigma 01:21 22 Feb 2005

oh yes and one pc is quite old (8 years)Os win98se...will it be compatible?

  Charence 10:59 22 Feb 2005

I'm pretty sure that DSL/Router will work with your ADSL connection (correct me if I'm wrong).

If the Network Interface Card you plug into your Win98 computer has a driver for that OS, then it should function properly.


  TrueEnigma 11:12 22 Feb 2005

It doesnt seem that way...although i might be wrong too! But I need to have a set up that allows the internet to be accessed without the main pc on. so i have to have (I think) a router with built in modem

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