wifi repeater when on the go and high gain

  jhodgson66 13:38 02 May 2018

Hi, basically I travel a lot and often without access to mains electricity. I have a high gain antenna and a usb dongle for a netbook that often works quite well. But now I need to connect multiple devices via wifi often with no mains power. The setup I need is basically a 5v usb powered wifi repeater (5v so it can be powered via power monkey style thing) but not usb only (for use when laptop is turned off) and create a wifi ap that preferably isn't as powerful as the high gain antenna. I hope that makes sense. Feel free to scrutinise what I'm after. any help on this would be great.

  Bris 19:46 02 May 2018

This may be suitable. Although it comes with a power adapter it also comes with a USB power cable which implies that you can power it from any 5 volt source.

Check out "see more product details" and then the 2 PDFs for data sheet and user guide to see if its what you are looking for.

  jhodgson66 20:55 02 May 2018

that is almost what I need except I need to add a high gain antenna. But thanks for that.

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