wifi in rented apartment very slow

  Sapins 13:04 18 Jan 2016

mireadsl says speed is 6500mbs which I take to mean 6.5mb which should be a reasonable speed but it is more like dial up from the dim and distance past. So, what could be keeping the speed down?

  RV510 13:19 18 Jan 2016

Your speed will depend on many things, position of the router, how many are using it at the same time, time of the month depending on your providers limitations and what you are running/downloading and also if the source of your Wi-Fi is shared.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:23 18 Jan 2016

mireadsl says speed is 6500mbs............

Ok, but what results do you get using an independent testing site such as this one?

  Sapins 14:04 18 Jan 2016

link not working Secret-Suirrel, I know the speed is slow but not this slow!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:30 18 Jan 2016

Resetting the router may work

  Sapins 14:40 18 Jan 2016

Fruit Bat, tried that, no difference.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:46 18 Jan 2016

link not working Secret-Suirrel...........

The link is working fine.

Here's another one that may work better for you as it doesn't need Flash. There's no need to fill in any of the data it asks for so just click on "Run Test".

I know the speed is slow but not this slow!

I have a feeling now that it may be ;)

  mole1944 15:49 18 Jan 2016

If you have a smartphone download wifi analyser and check what channel you're on you may be getting interference from another router,if so change channels on the router.as others have said switch the router off then on to clear and reset it.

  Sapins 22:16 18 Jan 2016

Speed test shows 0.02MB!

I have treid turning the router off and on, no difference.

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