WiFi problem with virgins

  djceney 19:44 17 Apr 2018

Hi all

I’ve recently been sent a new router from virgin, and although there wasn’t a problem with my old one. It was an upgrade so I had it anyway. Now, in short I can’t get a WiFi connection at all now, I’ve even tried the old router and now that doesn’t work, if I plug the Ethernet cable direct to my TiVo box then I can view YouTube through the TiVo which suggests I am getting an internet connection, just wondering what I am doing wrong?

  difarn 21:45 17 Apr 2018

Have you tried connecting an ethernet cable to your router and PC first to establish a connection then unplugging the ethernet cable and try to connect by wifi?

  Govan1x 23:25 17 Apr 2018

Take it you put the new security code from the new router into the wifi connection to activate it.

  djceney 04:55 18 Apr 2018

Hi, thanks for the replies, I’m a total novice btw, where would I put this new security code?

  djceney 05:13 18 Apr 2018

I’ve unplugged the Ethernet cable and now the WiFi seems to work, anyone have any idea why this would be?

  BT 09:02 18 Apr 2018

where would I put this new security code

You would need to put it into your Computer, Tablet or whatever device you are trying to connect by WiFi. It will be different to the code you had with your old router and you will find it printed on the label on the base of the router. If the new router is a Superhub 3 (the one with a white light on the front) there will also be a little card slotted in the base with the router number and security code on it.

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